15th Annual Art Show
~Now at Pascal Hall~
Saturday December 3, 2022 4pm – 8pm
Sunday December 4, 2022 11am – 3pm

Featuring 8 Midcoast Maine Artists

Click on the images below to view the artist’s works

Patty Bolz creates high karat gold jewelry with a strong emphasis  on both form and texture, often inspired by natural formations and materials.  Giving particular attention to the integration of all of the elements within each piece, she designs jewelry that is both dynamic and wearable.

Fine art photographer Arduina Caponigro captures surprising moments of beauty and wonder with images discovered as far away as the world’s largest ice fiord in Scoresbysund, Greenland and as close to home as her back yard in Cushing, Maine. She takes joy in sharing her curiosity and gratitude with you.

The recent work of American born artist Julie Crane brings the viewer into an atmosphere involving instinct. By using depictions of animals, the question of shared tendencies comes to the surface. Often combined with man-made objects or microscopic organisms that are blown way out of scale, these works invite the viewer to consider personal assessments. Once removed from the mirror, a more objective view is entertained. As change is ever constant, a recalibration of position is ongoing. So, although the work at first appears quite simple, the trail of thought runs deep.

Monica Kelly has been painting both representational and abstract works inspired by the Maine landscape and the personal histories of her family members. The works in this exhibition depart from these influences and represent simple everyday objects immersed in a pool of musical notation. In addition to her work as a painter, Monica serves as Executive Director of Bay Chamber Concerts and Music School, in Rockport.

Whitney River is inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds her in Maine, both in the woods and by the ocean. She uses oil on canvas and graphite on paper to render natural objects with great detail and precision. The simplicity of her compositions emphasizes the way the organic forms interact with each other and with the space around them. Separated from their origins and presented without distraction, the viewer can focus on the individual objects, and appreciate them not only for what they are, but for what they might represent.  

Margaret Rizzio
creates one-of-a-kind multi-layered collages filled with synchronistic and repeating elements sourced from magazines and ephemera. Rizzio pulls her inspiration from the euphoric colors and ubiquitous imagery of the “perfect woman” used in print in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Each collage is a tiny world unto its own, the new context lending a fresh perspective to familiar imagery.

Michaela Crie Stone creates functional and non-functional objects, blurring the lines between art, craft, and design. Working predominantly in leather, wood, and textiles, she combines traditional craft techniques with innovative form. Inspired by nature, architecture, and history of material cultures, each piece is made by hand with ethically sourced materials, quality craftsmanship, and a commitment to sustainability.

Sal Taylor Kydd is a photographic artist and poet working in a variety of media. Her work draws strongly on the landscape, focusing on the home, family and herself in conversation with the natural world. Sal works in alternative processes to make her platinum palladium and cyanotype prints as well as working with objects and book forms.  

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